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An introduction to contemporary islamic philosophy
Publisher : Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Pub
Author ,Translator : Mohammad Fana’i Eshkevari / Mostafa Hoda’i
Number of Pages : 274
Size : A5
Cover Type : Paperback
Year of print : 2016
Print : 2
Amount : 300
ISBN : 9789641959489
National Library ID : 3620320
Book Purchase Code : BP0752
Price (Rials) : 150000
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Contempora u Islanic Philosophy provides an Overview of the philosophical contributions of twelve Of the most prominent wentieth-century Islamic philosophers, many of whom half on the Iranian philosophical tradition. It features translated excerpts from their philosophical worrs and explanations Of their unique contributions to the field of Islamic philosophy, as well as a brief history of the development of Islamic philosophy and the state of Islamic philosophy today The bOOR IdISCUSSes philo SODhe 9 Whose names are Well Rnown in the West, such as Ayatollah Ruhulah Khometni, Ayatolah Murtada Mutahhart, and Alamah Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i as Well as some thin Rers who have received less attention outside the Islanic World, such as Sayyid Ahmad Fardd and Mahdi Ha'ir. Yazd Other philoso phers featured include Sayyid Jalal al-Din /Ashtiyan, Muhammad | aq Ja’far, Ayatollah Hasanzadeh /Amuli, /Ayat Olah Javad Amul, and Ayat Olah Muhammad Tadi Misbah Yazd. Mohammad Fanai Eshevari studied both at the QOn Seniinary In Iran as well as McGI University in Montreal, Canada, where he received his PhD in philosophy. He has published extensively on philosophy, mystigism, and reliqion