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Discourses On The Vices (Al-Radhà’il)
Publisher : Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Pub
Author ,Translator : Imām Khomeinī / Amin Research and Cultural Center
Number of Pages : 147
Size : A5
Cover Type : Paperback
Year of print : 2016
Print : 2
Amount : 300
ISBN : 9789641959595
National Library ID : 3624449
Book Purchase Code : BP0769
Price (Rials) : 110000
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Forty Hadiths is one of the invaluable works of Imam Khomeini which is written by his eminence as detailed commentaries on forty selected hadiths. This book is entirely devoted to the inquiry of reality of some hadiths of the holy Prophet and his Household being brimful of ethical advices and mystical-philosophical points. In order to make this invaluable book more beneficent and applicable for a wider audience, the publisher decided to choose 36 hadiths and, making some formal changes, divide them into 9 parts to be published in 9 booklets – one of which being the present work on the vices (al-radhā’il). Imām Rühullāh Müsawi Khomeini (1902-1989), the founder of the Islamic republic of Iran, was a great, outstanding scholar who was a unique master of all Islamic sciences such as jurisprudence (fiqh), principles of jurisprudence (usūl al-fiqh), mysticism (irfān), Qur’ānic exegesis (tafsīr), tradition (hadith), etc. and presented invaluable works on each of those fields.