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Understanding Islamic Sciences
Publisher : Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Pub
Author ,Translator : MurtadÁ Mutahharï/Amin Research and Cultural Cente
Number of Pages : 258
Size : B5
Cover Type : Paperback
Year of print : 2016
Print : 2
Amount : 300
ISBN : 9789647741248
National Library ID : 3624452
Book Purchase Code : BP0767
Price (Rials) : 120000
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This book is a collection of martyr Murtadā Mutahhari's essential papers and articles on philosophy, theology, Islamic mysticism, morality, Islamic law and its principles. These parts together serve both as a comprehensive survey of the essentials of different branches of Islamic studies and a general guide to understanding the basic teachings of Islam, along with the main points of difference among various sects of Muslims. Martyr Mutahhari’s important work is probably the most thorough of all introductions to Islamic studies and deserves to be prescribed reading for all students of Islam.It is also very useful for non-specialists who wish to acquaint themselves with Islamic knowledge.