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Shia wills law
Publisher : Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Pub
Author ,Translator : syed ali raza naqvi
Number of Pages : 483
Size : A5
Cover Type : Hardback
Year of print : 2017
Print : 1
Amount : 300
ISBN : 9786004291842
National Library ID : 4673564
Book Purchase Code : bp0803j4
Price (Rials) : 290000
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The work gives evidence of soundscholarship٫ originality and scientific research methodology. The author has used almost all the standard and and original Shia sources of law from the Classical to Modern periods. He has consulted the four basic sources of the Shia legal system as well as book of Tawdih al-Masail by the leading contemporary Shia Mujtahids. Dr Naqvi’s works on Shia Personal Laws will serve as comprehensive٫ reliable٫ authentic and easily accessible reference books. (Dr.S.Husain. Jafary٫ author of Origins and Early Development of Shia Islam).