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Publisher : Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Pub
Author ,Translator : MURTAḌĀ MUṬAHHARĪ / Muhammad K. ‘Ali
Number of Pages : 120
Size : A5
Cover Type : Paperback
Year of print : 2017
Print : 1
Amount : 300
ISBN : 9786004291170
National Library ID : 4505975
Book Purchase Code : BP0994
Price (Rials) : 95000
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The Concept of Islamic Republic (An Analysis of the Revolution in Iran) is a translation of the Persian book Piramin-e Inqilab-e Islami by the great Muslim thinker and reformer Ayatullah Murtada Mutahharī. Some of the topics discussed in this book are as follows: the nature of "Islamic Republic", "Islamic Republic" or "Islamic Democratic Republic", "Islamic Republic” and the modern problems, democratic rights in "Islamic Republic' and the best way to analyze the revolution in Iran. We hope that this book would be an invaluable contribution to the Islamic thought and of great benefit for all readers in general and people of research in particular.