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About Us


Al-Mustafa International University Centre for Publications and Translation
is affiliated to the Al-Mustafa International University. It has the goal of trying to propagate and spread Islamic knowledge inside and outside of Iran. We have thus far published books in Islamic Sciences and the Humanities from the beginning of 2000, and have been able to publish about 1320 books in 28 languages covering 25 topics. Some of these publications have reached their 13th print. From these publications, 345 are educational textbooks whereas 957 are research based.

The stages of publication at the Centre is as follows:

  1. Acceptance of work: here the digital file of the book is critiqued and discussed amongst the research departments of the university 
  2. Publication and edit council, after the research council accepts the work, it goes in for editing and proof reading in order to prepare it for printing.
  3. Printing department, here there is confirmation of font, format, typesetting etc. and then finally printed.