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Rules and Regulations



Welcome Back!
When using this site please ensure that all the rules and regulations are observed at all times. This site is governed by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore the Management have the right to block and remove the content of any user who is found not observing these rules and regulations. These rules and regulations apply to all users, be they newly registered, previously active, management or support staff. If any changes are made to the rules of the site, users will be made aware of them in a responsible manner.

  1. Using information or pictures in an unorderly way contrary to the laws and customs of Islamic Republic of Iran it is not allowed.
  2. The user is responsible for any activity done using this site.
  3. Registration and any activity on this site is open to every language, race and country
  4. Humiliation of any person, race, culture and language in any form is strictly forbidden.
  5. All users should be diligent in safeguarding their passwords and any other personal information.
  6. Management is obliged to respect and follow-up on the concerns and suggestions of all users; users are also expected to respect and honour the decisions of the Management. 
  7. After becoming aware of the above rules, the user is responsible for all activity he or she does on the site. If any user is found acting contrary to the laws, they will be firstly warned and in the event that it is repeated the user will be banned from the site.

We hope that by the observance of these rules and regulations this site becomes a source of benefit to all users.